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New Leadership at the FDA

The discussion of healthcare reform in the 2008 election was front and center.  Now that the election is over, President-elect Obama is charged with the task of filling a whole host of positions in his cabinet and at various agencies in Washington.

In this post, we discuss the names of several candidates for the position of Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as it will have immediate and salient effects throughout the life sciences industry.

The FDA Commish oversees a budget of over $2 billion and an employee base of 11,000 (growingly disgruntled) people.  The current head of the FDA, Andrew von Eschenbach, has been heavily criticized, and the driving force in this appointment will likely be a response to these criticisms – safety of approved drugs and integrity of imported food and drugs.

Below is a list of names that have been floated in the past week or so: Continue reading


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